Studio Quality
Camera & Lighting Equipment

Our Canon DSLR camera means we can guarantee high-quality photos. We use a large ring light or white box lights for larger spaces.

Unlimited Photo Prints

Get everyone in the shot with our open photo booth.
Have a giggle watching other guests pose, and watch out for a sneaky photo bomb.

Live Social Sharing

Share to Facebook, Twitter or email directly from the booth.
Or use your phone to download your photo and share to even more sharing services. (wi-fi required)

3 photo prints with bespoke border design

High Quality Prints

Our touch ready prints aren’t your standard photo booth prints. They print in seconds and look fantastic!

Bespoke Print Design

A custom border design with a logo or a message comes as standard.
Or choose from our holiday, wedding or party themed designs.

Guests can choose from a large variety of layouts. Our most popular ones are:

  • photo strips with 3 or 4 photos
  • 1 large photo & 2 small ones
  • a Polaroid or Instagram style border

Awesome Props

Moustaches & Glasses

Masks, Hats & Wigs

Guitars, Lightsabres & Unicorns.

Ask us if we’ve got a specific prop and we’ll do our best to get it.

Photo Effects

Digital Stickers

Backdrops & Fairy Lights

Play around with
photo effects
digital stickers.

Leave messages on
chalkboard signs
cinematic light box.

Animated GIF of father and daughters

Animated GIF

3 photos are turned into a GIF to download and share on social media.

Booth Expert

Our fun booth expert will light up the space like a pro and help guests get the best pictures.

They will regularly disinfect the giggle pod and props.